Integration – All member information available all in one location, that’s the whole purpose isn’t it?

This is the core module that all of the other QTrades components rely on to provide the framework for an integrated view of each individual member.


  • All member profile tombstone type information, accessible and maintained in one location,
  • View all other module history – work history, sign-in / dispatch, revenue, etc,
  • Full audit history of profile changes – with or without reason of change requirements,
  • Link any document type to a member for later reference,
  • Extensive note / follow-up facility to track all communications with a member, with public or private capability,
  • Grouping, filtering membership to provide targeted lists,
  • Maintain and track other membership information, such as – training, courses, skills, assessments, contacts, positions held and many more,
  • Have multiple member profiles open at the same time,
  • Detailed apprenticeship information tracking,

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