QTrades is much more than just a bunch of lines of computer code ready to manage your membership database. The QTrades team have been learning and working in the union industry since the 1990’s and based on that experience have developed what we feel is the leading edge when it comes to helping you improve your processes, along of course with those tens of thousands of lines of code ready and waiting to help manage your member’s information.

Our mission simply stated is…

  • To promote awareness of the QTrades solution to the North American Construction Labour Union industry through the development of relationships with the key industry associations and communities of interest.
  • To continually develop the QTrades solution as an industry Thought Leader by sharing Key Trends and inviting Meaningful Conversations on important topical issues by leveraging online technological media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.
  • To continue to enhance and develop the QTrades solution the industry needs, by listening and continuing with the never-ending learning process.

As the major driving force at QTrades, that has always been my primary source for knowing the direction our solutions need to take, is by listening and working with the very people who rely on our solutions, our union clients.

Finally, as the CEO of QTrades, I am personally committed to providing you with both un-surpassed solutions and on-going support.

Looking forward to working with you and your team.



Reg Cawston,