The QTrades Solution provides North American labour unions with user-friendly administrative computer technology to streamline the office and boost efficiency.


Is This happening At Your Office…



Information spread across more than one database?

Put all your member information in one comprehensive QTrades system database.  Right from the start of apprenticeship all the way through to retirement – collect and track it all.  Be it for membership crm, revenue / dues processing, sign-in & dispatching, employer remittance processing, hourbank & benefits processing.  You will have all the data in one central location available all the time from anywhere.


Business agents frustrated about lack of access while on the road?

Implement QTrades Cloud and now your Business Agents can access all the information from any device via the internet. (remote PC, smart phone or tablet).


Members Want To Have Immediate Access?

It’s late Friday and members want to know their dues status and get signed back onto the unemployed registers. Now they can with QTrades use of mobile technology, be it an iPad or a Smart Phone, the member has access 24/7.


Not sure where or how to start – finding a company that understands Your needs?

QTrades is a complete process and plan provided by a knowledgeable company with a proven track record of working together with union halls just like yours.  From regular product upgrades, full technical system support to system process improvements – think of QTrades.